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Background on Client:

ABC Toys is a fictional company providing educational toys to children. Their target market is young parents who are concerned with developing their children's minds as early as possible and keeping them intellectually engaged.


The Problem:

They needed to reach a wider audience, drive traffic to their website, facilitate more purchases, and keep up their fun, friendly, promotional tone while doing so.


The Solution:

This audience scrolls social media, plays games on their phone, and works frequently on their laptops, so a banner ad was the perfect solution for this company. No matter which frame catches a busy parent’s attention, they are sure to receive a captivating message and be compelled to visit to see what this company has to offer their children. If they watch the ad all the way through, they will still be impressed with a cohesive message that will propel them to make a purchase from this toy company.

Designed by: Maria Schuster

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