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Copywriting Course Review:

The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy by The Filthy Rich Writer

Filthy Rich Writer's Nicki Krawczyk has put together a program that says it all in the name - the "comprehensive" in "Comprehensive Copywriting Academy" is an understatement.

This course is beyond value-packed. It tackles your mindset, writing every type of copy you could possibly imagine, and excellent business advice to move you forward. It is worth so much more than what you will pay; the investment will pay for itself time and time again. It is, for sure, one of the best copywriting courses out there.

If copywriting is the career path you've chosen, this is the course you will want to spend your time on and in.

Mother and Daughter

How Do I Get Started?

Watch this free training to see if this online copywriting course is a great fit for you (hint hint: it will be!)

A Professional Copywriting Course

This course is incredible in and of itself, but it will turn you into a professional because of all the "extras" that come along with it. A private Facebook group (the most supportive ever!), opportunities for 1:1 coaching calls with fabulous mentors, group coaching calls, and mini trainings on social media are all part of this unbelievable package that will have your copywriting business up and running oh so soon.

Extra Resources:

How to Break Into Copywriting

Six Figure Copywriter Interview

Bonus Video Training

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