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Can Essential Oils Really Boost My Productivity?

As a busy Mompreneur, you are probably looking for anything and everything to help boost productivity levels. You have a million and one things to do, and there are only so many hours in the day!

How are you supposed to eat healthy, work out, run your business, and take care of the kiddos? Not to mention the endless piles of laundry, dishes, etc., that need to get done sometime (or do they… 😉?)

To give you a little boost, instead of having that third cup of joe to get you going, give some essential oils a try! They are an excellent, natural way to boost both energy and mood.

Whether you are a total novice at using essential oils or have a whole stash already, here are some ideas to get you motivated to use them to up your personal and professional game while working at home.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are natural products extracted from plants.

They are then concentrated into liquids with different fragrances and properties that can help out in various aspects of your life.

They are often used in aromatherapy and to support overall well-being. It is typically recommended to dilute the oils with a carrier oil for usage. Directions to do so can be found here.

So, the reason you are here…

Which oils should you use to up that productivity game?

Which Essential Oils Help with Productivity?

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil can really do it all! But one of its main benefits is boosting productivity.

It can promote mental clarity, focus, and alertness. Hello, getting more done! Eucalyptus and other minty oils can also be used in this way too.

Citrus Essential Oils

Lemon, orange, lime. Is there anything better than a house that smells of fresh citrus? So clean!

All these citrusy essential oils can lift your mood and reduce stress. If you are in a better mood and less stressed out, you are sure to be more productive!

Rosemary Oil

This is a lesser-known essential oil, but it can be powerful!

It is known to boost cognition, memory, and performance. With all of these in place, you can absolutely get more done!

Clary Sage Oil

This is one of my personal favorites! It acts as a hormone balancer.

If you are an extrovert and missing facetime and networking events, this one may just be for you!

It helps reduce stress and anxious thoughts, helping you be your most productive self.

How do I use the Essential Oils to Help with Productivity?

Homemade Sprays

One of the most fun ways to use essential oils is to spray them!

You can spritz a bit right on your clothes or put it out into the air of your office for some delightful smells!

Just pop “essential oil spray recipes” into google and let it give you some grand ideas to spritz around your home office and give you the productivity boost you are looking for!

Most of them consist of some combination of distilled water, alcohol or carrier oil, and the oil itself.

Super easy. Not at all time-consuming. Best of all worlds for busy Mompreneurs.

My favorite bottles to make essential oil sprays in can be found here:

I just love the fun blue color!

Remember always to use glass, never plastic!

In the Diffuser

Diffusers are super easy to use, and convenient too! You simply put some water in them, a few drops of your favorite essential oil for productivity, and you are on your way.

I have five in my house! As my office is on the smaller side, and I don’t want it to be too overpowering, this is the one I use in my home office is here:

I’ve had it for over two years, and it is still going strong. To make yours last just as long, remember to clean your essential oil diffuser regularly. This is a very simple process. Just follow the instructions listed here.

My favorite blend for productivity in the morning is Peppermint Essential Oil and Orange Essential Oil. It smells amazing, and it boosts my productivity greatly!

Create a Roller Ball

The third application for essential oils is making rollerballs. I had so much fun making an entire set of these! I even got fancy labels printed for them (that’s a story for another day).

You will definitely want to have a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, on hand to make these for yourself.

These are used topically, and there are tons of recipes you can use to give yourself a little boost when you need it.

The four best places to apply are:

· The wrists

· Behind the ears

· On the temples

· On the bottoms of your feet

The bottom of your feet may not be as practical while you are working, but if you are in your home office, kick off those slippers and give it a shot!

I usually feel the effects immediately when I use a rollerball in this way. Bringing it full circle, it saves me from reaching for another cup of coffee in the afternoon.

Let me know in the comments below what oils you will try to boost your productivity as a Mompreneur soon. I can’t wait to hear and see if it is similar to what I use in my work-at-home routines!


Always consult your doctor or health practitioner before beginning usage of essential oils. They are also not considered safe for ingesting, so if you plan to do so, this should also be part of the conversation.

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